Wiley Journal Impact Metrics

Wiley, a leading publisher of academic journals, approached TopLine Film to help them showcase the impact metrics of three scientific periodicals through a motion graphics report. As an in-house motion designer at TopLine, I designed, storyboarded, and animated three presentations. The animations were created in After Effects and Blender, with a flat shader used for 3D shots so that they aligned with Wiley’s brand assets. After delivering these, I also designed .mogrt templates that allowed Wiley’s in-house video editors to make new journal metrics animations. These were a construction kit of pre-animated shots with customisable images, colours, and text. The editors didn’t need to open any animation software to use them. I devised and ran a training session for the Wiley marketing team to ensure a successful handover. And now they can produce motion reports of their own as metrics change for their suite of academic publications.