Slide Three illustrations of Nikolaus holding a clapperboard, pencils, and smiling with a coffee cup Remote working animator and illustrator SCROLL DOWN Hi there! I'm an animator, illustrator and scriptwriter based in York. I love working as part of a remote production pipeline and will gladly collaborate with your branding and digital teams. EMAIL ME

Remote-working team player

Production companies have trusted me to work remote on projects for brands like the BBC and Burberry. I've also delivered entire direct-to-client projects, all online. I've previously worked on theatre and live-action sets, and bring that discipline to my remote working setup. Find out about my technical skills and professional background on my About page.

I work fast in these packages:

So, what do I do?

I have experience making graphics for game development, business advertising, social media campaigns, and more! I follow brand guidelines and tone of voice as I write scripts, design shots, draw characters, and animate sequences. But just because I can multitask doesn't mean I have to. I love collaborating with teams and am happy doing just one bit of the production pipeline. So if you're looking for graphics to spice up social media or some handcrafted animation that will take any piece of content from ordinary to extraordinary - contact me!

Watch my showreel!

When you bring a new remote freelancer onto a motion design project, you want to know who you’re starting a working relationship with. That’s why, for the first time, I’ve put myself in my showreel! I hope you can see how much I love working with people all over the UK from my desk in York. There are lots of clips of my motion design and illustration work. They include examples of character animation, explainer videos, storyboards, concept art, and shots I’ve animated from other designers’ style frames. And it’s captioned if you don’t have the sound on! Enjoy!

A hand holds a phone showing an Instagram post advertising a Peter Pan audiobook

You have a marketing strategy

Outputs need to stay on message and do things. When writing and making animated content for your audience, I like to understand and align with your goals. Drop me an email and tell me what they are!

Phone beside a coffee jar. The phone shows a still from the film 'Why Build a Sun on Earth?'. It shows Earthrise from the moon.

I like tricky topics

Science, humanities, and policy papers use specialist language that people outside the discussion won’t know. I enjoy adapting research into eye-level conversations with new audiences. What do you need to share?

A person in a white coat points to an ipad showing a 3D visualization of a human brain

There are lots of ways to use animation

I can design animations and images for e-learning, employee engagement, user interfaces, presentations, displays, exhibitions, lecture slides, theatre scenery, and more! What do you have in mind?

An iPad shows a still from an animation where a mother uses the Brush DJ app with her kids at brush time. A caption reads 'The NHS-approved Brush DJ app plays two minutes of your music while you brush'

Stories about and for people

I design characters, stage them in scenes, and animate their performances. I also direct voice talent for appealing dialogue and narration. What story can we tell together?

Drama and Comedy

I also develop scripted content including original screenplays and series documents for television and film. I've directed story-driven music videos, promos, and shorts. I've also directed full-length stage dramas. I love developing narrative entertainment and would love to talk about my original work or how I could contribute to your project.

And here's some of my work divided by genre