Let’s Bring Brand Worlds to Life!

I hope this six-second ad crafted for my very own NIKOLAUS brand brings a smile to your face!

As a freelance motion designer, director, and director’s motion designer, sometimes I take on agency assignments, sometimes I take the creative lead on projects in client-facing roles, and sometimes I work closely with directors to develop motion graphics shots in fiction and docs.

But this six-second spot was made by just me in my own time.

After I wrote it, storyboarded it, and created a production breakdown with my producer hat on, I switched hats a few more times: I manually sculpted ‘Little Nik’ in ZBrush, rigged and animated him in Cinema 4D, textured the carton in Substance Painter, designed and lit each of the abstract shots for Redshift renders, and edited picture and audio in Premiere and Audition — phew!

But those steps, the inner workings, are not something I want the audience to think about when watching. I learned those tools so I could create experiences, not to show off how many tools I know. Because what’s fun for you, and what’s fun for me, is bringing the brand world to life.

Let’s do it together for your clients!