We See What You’re Building

Sean Bean voiced these videos I wrote, directed, and edited to promote the Sheffield City Region Growth Hub, which were produced by Matobo Films. It was also an opportunity to work closely with BAFTA-nominated documentary editor, cinematographer, and producer Ben Giles to shoot visually stunning and engaging content. There’s no stock footage here! We captured everything with a camera crew and drones in factories, shops, and offices from Barnsley to Bakewell.

Directing something like this, there’s the danger of capturing hours of footage for what will ultimately be a series of very short spots. To keep our shooting ratio low, I planned shotlists for each location and the brief pieces to camera we wanted to capture from business owners. This kept us disciplined so that we didn’t fish for unnecessary b-roll and let us get in and out of each location quickly.

We delivered a forty-second spot, a short documentary, and a series of ‘Sheffield Shorts’.