CARMEN Neuroscience

To understand the brain, we need to know how it uses information. To measure specific brain activity, scientists devise unique methods. But their results aren’t necessarily compatible with other results. This means that valuable data are generated in different formats worldwide, making it hard to collaborate on projects across continents. CARMEN Neuroscience Platform solves this with a secure cloud repository using standardised metadata and format conversion.

Hired as an independent producer and motion designer, I created aural and visual metaphors for measuring the brain in action. In one shot, the mind is wrapped like paper, showing a relief map of activity. In another image, we tune in to a neurone like a radio station.

Initial work was done in Blender, with render passes and virtual cameras exported to After Effects for compositing.

I produced the music track in FL Studio by slicing up orchestral sample libraries to create a concert music sound of staccato woodwind and strings, a nod to the abundant brain activity stored by CARMEN.

I’m really proud of this project featured on Behance’s Motion Graphics Served.