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I writedirectanimate

I write, direct and animate.
I also shoot, edit, draw, and compose music.

I’m a generous collaborator who works with dedicated specialists on productions, and I use my knowledge of various disciplines to speak their language so they can do their best work.

I’ve worked with agencies and production companies to create moving image content for brands like the BBC and Burberry Corporate and created direct-to-client work for startups including Brush DJ and TouchRight. I’ve directed music videos for artists Tom Hickox, Jack Edwards, and Tres B.

I’m a member of Directors UK and I’m always learning from my peers to improve and develop new skills. I’ve completed BECTU’s Production Safety Passport and recently studied illustration and character animation with School of Motion.

Experience includes shadowing on ITV drama Emmerdale, where I followed a director through prep, principal photography, and post-production on a block of three episodes featuring vehicle stunts and pyrotechnics. I also participated in ITV’s Storylining workshop.

I was one of twenty creative professionals picked for Creative England’s Digital Bridge scheme, on which I was mentored by producer Ivana Mackinnon to develop a feature film pitch to Film 4.0.

I can supply a spec TV pilot as a writing sample. I’m always working on original material.

I hold degrees in History and in English, and a PhD in Theatre, Film & Television which was funded by the AHRC. All from the University of York.

During my PhD, I received formal training in postproduction, including the theory and practice of VFX and picture finishing. I also taught for a bit, but have been freelancing full time for over half a decade.

I’ve directed theatre, written plays, and acted in them.
I’ve also designed video projections for multimedia productions.

—okay, cut.

It’s weird writing your own bio. I don’t want to come off too ‘me, me, me’, nor do I want to appear coy.

I guess I just want to reassure you that you’re in good hands.
So, I’ll leave it there.

Please watch my showreel below, and drop me an email for work enquiries.
Or, if you just want to connect for now, you can find me on Instagram and Twitter.