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Slide Three illustrations of Nikolaus holding a clapperboard, pencils, and smiling with a coffee cup Making content is a multi-discipline effort SCROLL DOWN I write, direct, illustrate, and animate.
Ask me how I'd work online with your team to do all those things or just my bit!

Remote-working team player

Production companies have trusted me to work remote on projects for brands like the BBC and Burberry. I've also delivered entire direct-to-client projects, all online. I also work on-site and on film sets, and bring that discipline to my remote working setup. Ask me how I'd work with you.

So, what do I do?

After understanding your goals for a piece of content, I write a concise script. Then, following your brand guidelines, I design style frames, including characters and scenery. To bring things to life, I direct and animate action and performance. With that done, I edit together the moving images with sound and music. Finally, I render files that I can send to you online. But, just because I can multitask doesn't mean I have to. I love collaborating with teams and am happy doing just one bit of the production pipeline. What works best for your project?

A hand holds a phone showing an Instagram post advertising a Peter Pan audiobook

You have a marketing strategy

Outputs need to stay on message and do things. When making content for your audience, I like to understand and align with your goals. Let me know what they are.

Phone beside a coffee jar. The phone shows a still from the film 'Why Build a Sun on Earth?'. It shows Earthrise from the moon.

I like tricky topics

Science, humanities, and policy papers use specialist language that people outside the discussion won’t know. I enjoy adapting research into eye-level conversations with new audiences. What do you need to share?

A person in a white coat points to an ipad showing a 3D visualization of a human brain

There are lots of ways to use animation

I can design animations and images for e-learning, employee engagement, user interfaces, presentations, displays, exhibitions, lecture slides, theatre scenery, and more! What do you have in mind?

An iPad shows a still from an animation where a mother uses the Brush DJ app with her kids at brush time. A caption reads 'The NHS-approved Brush DJ app plays two minutes of your music while you brush'

Stories about and for people

I design characters, stage them in scenes, and animate their performances. I also direct voice talent for appealing dialogue and narration. What story can we tell together?

Drama and Comedy

I also develop scripted content including original screenplays and series documents for television and film. I've directed story-driven music videos, promos, and shorts. I've also directed full-length stage dramas. I love developing narrative entertainment and would love to talk about my original work or how I could contribute to your project.

And here's some of my work divided by genre