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Enjoy my showreel

Three and a half minutes of complete short pieces.

And here's work divided by genre

How I work

With producers and brands

Scripted content, comedy, music videos, anthem spots, short docs, and animation.

So you can publish things that put work into audience relationships.

I think about the viewer first

We have to reward their attention

Decisions I make on set end up in front of audiences. What are we offering the spectator at every moment? What are we asking them to think about or do? Our visual language has to align with brand and genre, join a savvy audience at eye-level, and entertain to be effective.

It's collaborative

Yes, this website is all about me. But filmmaking is a team effort. If you're production talent thinking 'this guy's going on about himself', well, this paragraph is about you (and kinda also about me) because I want to reassure you I'm friendly and respectful, a generous collaborator who diligently prepares and communicates to make sure you can do your best work.

I'm also developing original content

On spec. New writing.
An actor silhouetted against video projections during a stage production of Mad Forest at York Theatre Royal Studio

Immersive experiences

Coming from a theatre background, I'm comfortable directing stories where the viewer can look anywhere. I've created immersive content for unconventional projection at events, including video designs for stage drama.